In the summer of 2000 I graduated in the UK from 'The Kent Institute of Art and Design' (Now the 'University for the Creative Arts) with a degree in Illustration.

My career  began in computer games when in the same year, I moved North to Leeds to start work at a small software development company, Code Monkeys. This is where I really cut my 3D teeth by working as an all-rounder on various PS1 titles. With the move to my next employers, Digi-guys, also software developers, I relocated to London.

My move out of games came in 2003 when I joined the team making Jerry Anderson's new adventures of Captain Scarlet. I started my time there as a model maker but by the end of the first year, was made head of the assets department.

After the project finished in 2005, I went freelance and alternated my time between working on commercials at Nexus Productions in East London and on several high profile architectural projects with Cityscape and Flaming CGI.

Early in 2007, I joined Framestore to begin work on series two of 'Primeval' where I was lead model maker. Over the years, I continued to have a connection with the show and have since led the model making on series three and four.

2007 was also the year in which I earned my first feature film screen credit for 'Wanted'.  Since then, I have been involved in eleven feature film projects, including several Lead model maker positions.

There was an exciting start to 2011 when I was nominated for a VES award for Kreacher in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was responsible for all model making on this character. This included remaking a hi-res sculpt, building an anatomical model and constructing an extensive set of FACS based blendshapes.

The end to 2011 was even bigger. After 10 years in London, my Kiwi girlfriend Anna and I moved to New Zealand. On a sunny day in February, 2012, we got married on a cliff overlooking Cooks Beach.

We now live in Auckland where I'm working as a freelance 3D VFX Artist and CG supervisor.